Car Body Stain Remover


Car Body Destainer is a restoration product that removes darkish and brownish stains, soiling, grime, fading and sticky dirt from vehicles’ plastic covers, grilles, logos, around door handles, letter writings and number plates. It strips and cleans the dirty layer found on the plastic covers, side steps, chromes, rims, fog lights, bonnet interior, boot cover and door hinges. It literally restores your vehicle’s exterior look.

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Car Body Stain Remover cleans all the dark and brown stains, soiling, grime, fading, and other dirt from the vehicle’s exterior surfaces like plastic covers, bumpers, chromes, grilles, joints, logos, wheels, and rims.


  • Cleans and restores side step plastic covers
  • Strips, cleans, and restores both the front and rear plastic bumpers
  • Cleans and restores grilles, chromes, and foglights
  • For cleaning brown and dark stains from the vehicle’s exterior surface, hinges, bonnet cover, and boot cover
  • For cleaning and detailing around door handles, logos, letters, number plates, and wheel arches
  • Cleans and removes stains from the rims and car tires


  • Wear gloves and a mask when using Car Body Stain Remover
  • Avoid contact with the skin. If it happens, rinse it with plenty of clean water
  • Keep away from the children

Direction of Application

  • Squeeze the product on a used old toothbrush or soft brush
  • Apply it on the surface with the dark or brown stains and soiling and leave it to soak for 5 minutes
  • Scrub the surface thoroughly and repeatedly
  • Rinse the surface with plenty of water immediately. Do not let the product stay on the surface for more than 5 minutes
  • Repeat the entire process until the surface is completely clean and restored

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