Car Interior Restoration

Car Interior & Exterior restoration

Car Interior Restoration involves transforming and restoring cars’  interior and exterior looks through our:

Car Interior Leather Restoration.

Car Interior Cleaning &  Detailing.

Ceramic Coating.

Car Accessories.

Car Wrapping.

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Car Interior Leather Restoration

Give Your Car Interior A New Life with our Upholstery  and Cushion making Services.

Car Leather Seats Restoration

Whether you are looking to transit from fabric seats to leather seats or your seats have undergone  wear and tear, we will get them in shape.

Our genuine leather materials combined with experienced technicians and heavy duty sewing machines gets your car seats as good as new.

Sagging/Hanging Roof lining Replacement

Harsh weather conditions over a period of time, mishandling and poor cleaning techniques are the major contributors of hanging or sagging headliners.

The car roof lining is fitted on the board with German blue glue.

Due to the nature of our roof liners and good workmanship, our headliners remains intact for a long period of time.

accident Dashboard Repairs

Dashboard surfaces suffer from excessive sun burn especially if the car is frequently parked under the sun with no car cover.

Most cars involved in fatal road accidents damage dashboards.

Through our Car Interior renew services, are able to repair those dashboards back to new

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