Car Interior Leather Repair

Car Interior Leather Restoration

It is the genuine leather materials combined with the neat and straight stitches that has made us stand out in car interior leather restoration.


Our Interior car leather restoration covers Car leather seats repair, doors, dashboard, car ceiling, car carpets repair, steering wheel, gear knob & armrest leather restoration.

Steering wheel sewing

Before and after Mercedes benz door leather cover restoration

Mercedes Leather Doors Repaired

Why you Need Car Interior Restoration?

To transit from Fabric interior to Leather Interior

People choose leather Interiors over fabric interiors because:

  1. Fabric car interiors are fairly hard to clean and may need car detailing every now and then. This is because they absorb spills and dust more than cars with leather interior.
  2. Cars with leather interior have a long life than fabric leather interiors.
  3. Non leather interiors are vulnerable to tears, burns and rips.

The interior is torn and worn out

When a car is frequently parked under bad weather condition like the sun, its interior starts to crack and fade due to intense heat. The heat causes cracks and fading on the dashboard surface, interior door covers, seats, steering wheel and gear lever. The heat is also responsible for detached roof lining therefore causing hanging headliners. Wear and tear also happens over a period of time due to continous usage of the vehicle.

For a new look or a customized Interior

If you are looking to customize your car’s interior by adding a logo or some type of design, we got you covered. We have a number of designs to select from.

Car Leather seats Repair

Car leather seats restoration involves total car seats make over. Our upholstery services starts with refilling the seats to level them up before replacing the surface with new genuine leather material. We have all types of materials and colour to select from.

Our cushion making services not only  increase the vehicle’s resale value but also add beauty and comfortability to your ride.

Before car leather seats repair
After Car Leather seats repair

Our stitches are straight, neat and perfect because of the quality of the material we use, experienced sewing technicians and good sewing machines.

Replaced Car Roof lining
Replaced Car Roof lining

Hanging Car Roof lining Replacement

Sagging car ceilings is a common problem in European cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Audi and Volkswagen. The fabric is detached from the  ceiling due to high heat that melts the glue used in holding it to board.

Poor roof lining cleaning technique is also a major cause of hanging car headliners in most cars. A sagging headliner can block your view especially when driving on a highway and therefore it is important that you get it fixed.

We remove the old fabric and replace it with a new one. Our car roof liners are not only wriggle-free but they come with a foam backing that last longer and helps insulate your car interior from harsh weather conditions like extreme cold and hot seasons. The fabric absorbs much noise as well.

You might want your car ceiling replaced because it is sagging, old, torn or you just want to change its colour.

Car Ceiling Replacement
Dashboard Renew

Dashboard Leather Repair

Fatal road accidents burst most vehicle’s dashboards due to the impact of collision.

Whether your car’s dashboard was damaged by an accident, excessive sun burn, wear & tear or a poorly done dashboard repair, we will restore it back to its original shape.

We use stretchable genuine dashboard leather material with German blue glue in repairing dashboards. This does not only guarantee a smooth dashboard surface but last longer and is resistant to heat caused by the UV rays from the sun.

Door Covers Leather Seats Refurbishment

Just like the dashboard, most car door covers undergo wear and tear due to continuous exposure to sun. We restore the leather parts of door covers. whether they were ripped or repaired by standard materials, Drive Clean Services has the best materials and tools to do the  job.

Dashboard Renew

Car Carpeting & Floor Wrapping

If your car’s carpet is torn, worn out or frayed, you are in the right place. We repair and replace vehicle’s carpets with original and high quality floor carpets.

We also provide car floor covering and floor wrapping services. Floor wrapping protects your original carpets from damages caused by stepping on them and spillages. This ensures that your cabin carpeting remains new and clean all the time.

Protect your carpeting by wrapping your vehicle’s floor with Drive Clean Services.

Steering wheel Leather Repair

Steering wheels wear out faster than any other parts of the vehicle because they are the most touched during driving.

We sew torn and frayed steering wheels with genuine leather material that has a long life span and resistant to harsh weather conditions like the sun.

Armrests leather restoration

Get free Armrests, handbrake and gear knob leather restoration as a discount for other car interior leather refurbishment like the seats, roof lining, dashboard, door covers and carpets.

Armrest Leather Repair

Car Leather Seats Dyeing & Leather Refilling

Before Leather Dyeing
After Leather dyeing

If your leather seats have minor scratches, marks or lost their colour, we got a solution for you. instead of reupholstering the seats which is a bit costly, you can try our leather dyeing and leather refilling services. we use genuine and long lasting dyes that will restore your seats original colours. we do both the car seats and sofa sets.

The seats are cleaned with a special leather cleaning products before refilling. They are then dyed.

fitting car seat covers

Protect your car seats by all means because they are expensive to reupholster. After years of experience in car interior restoration, I have come to learn how it can be a bit costly to replace your original leather seats. As one said, prevention is better than cure. We stitch well-fitting seat covers that will help you protect your seats from damages caused by continuous usage, scratches and burns. Our seat covers are custom made and last longer. We get the exact measurement of the seats before we stitch them.

Fitting Car Seat Covers
Best Seat covers

Why Most Car Interior Leather Renew don't last Long

What makes us Unique

our Material

Materials used in car Interior leather refurbishment determines the durability and quality of work. We use genuine Turkey imported leather on the car seats, dashboard, doors, steering wheel, gear knob and hand brake handle. We have a variety of leather materials of different colours and texture. Among them are the perforated materials that are used on the middle parts of the seats to allow air conditioning especially during hot days. We use German-made automotive blue glue on ceilings, dashboards and door covers that last longer than the yellow local glue.

heavy Duty Sewing Machines

Our heavy duty and industrial sewing machines can penetrate multiple layers of leather or fabric material and make perfect, neat and and tight stitches that have a long life span. We use strong threads in making stitches as well.

The Skilled & Experienced Technicians

Sewing technicians are intensively trained in upholstery, cushion making and car interior restoration. Most of them have more than 10 years experience in the industry. They can dismantle and fix sensitive electrical car parts like the dashboard, door cuts and car ceiling.

Car interior Leather Restoration Prices

Car Leather Seats Restoration Price
Seats Restoration
Genuine Leather 5-Seater KES 95,000
7-Seater KES 110,000
Treated Leather 5-Seater KES 95,000
7-Seater KES 110,000
Fabric Material 5-Seater KES 95,000
7-Seater KES 110,000
Car Roof Lining Replacement Price
Headliner Replacement Sedans/Saloon Cars/Hatchback cars e.g Toyota Corolla, Premio, VW Passat, Audi A3, BMW 5 Series, VW Golf KES 24,000
Mid-Size Cars such as Harrier, RAV4, BMW X3, Mercedes Benz S-Class KES 28,000
Crossover/SUV/4X4 such as Land Rover Disco3, BMW, Noah, Voxy, Prado, V8, Audi Q7 KES 35,000
Carpeting/Floor Wrapping/Floor Covering Price
Floor Covering Sedans/Saloon Cars/Hatchback cars e.g Toyota Corolla, Premio, VW Passat, Audi A3, BMW 5 Series, VW Golf KES 20,000
Mid-Size Cars such as Harrier, RAV4, BMW X3, Mercedes Benz S-Class KES 25,000
Crossover/SUVs/4X4(4-Wheel Drive) such as Land Rover Disco3, BMW, Noah, Voxy, Prado, V8, Audi Q7 KES 27,000
Dashboard Repairs Price
Dashboard Repairs European Cars such as Mercedes Benz, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, BMW,Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo, Peugeot, Chryslers etc. KES 35,000
Japanese Saloon Cars/Small Cars/ Mid-size Cars such as Toyota Premio, Nissan X-Trail, Toyota Harrier, Nissan Murano KES 25,000
Big Japanese Cars/ 4X4 Japanese Cars e.g Prado, Nissan Patrol, Noah, Voxy, Mitsubish Pajero KES 30,000
Door Panels/Door Covers Price
Door Panels/Door Covers (4 Doors) European Cars such as Mercedes Benz, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, BMW,Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo, Peugeot, Chryslers etc. KES 26,000
Japanese Saloon Cars/Japanese Small Cars/ Japanese Mid-size Cars such as Toyota Premio, Nissan X-Trail, Toyota Harrier, Nissan Murano KES 22,000
Big Japanese Cars/ 4X4 Japanese Cars e.g Prado, Nissan Patrol, Noah, Voxy, Mitsubish Pajero KES 24,000
Steering Wheel Price
Steering Wheel Small and Mid-size Cars KES 10,000
Big Cars/4x4 Cars KES 11,500
Armrest Price
Armrest 1 Armrest KES 5,000
2 Armrests KES 9,000
Gear Knob Price
Gear Shift Knob KES 4,000

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are your charges?

Our prices are listed on the table above for all car parts. For car leather seats restoration, we look at the type of material and whether the car is a 5-seater or 7-seater. For car roof lining replacement and floor covering, we look at the size of the car. Whether is a saloon, mid-sized car or a 4-wheel drive. For Dashboard repairs and door covers restoration, we look at the make of the car and size. Whether is a European or Japanese car. If it is Japanese car, we narrow down to the size. Small size and mid-size cars falls under the same category in terms of charges for doors and dashboards renew while big Japanese cars have different prices when it comes to doors and dashboard repairs.

Are you mobile?

Yes and no. Services such as car ceiling replacement and car floor covering can be done at the customer's place of choice. When it comes to car seats leather restoration, dashboard repairs, door covers redoing , steering wheel, handbrake covers and armrest, we only do them at our workshop because of the technicalities that comes with it.

Do you have samples of your work?

You can view a number of our Car Interior Leather Restoration works above.

How long does it take for a full Car Interior Restoration

It takes a maximum of one week to do a full Car Interior Leather Restoration. Car roof lining replacement takes one day. Car seats leather restoration takes 3 days. Dashboard repairs takes 2 days. Door covers restoration takes 1 day. Car floor wrapping/car floor covering takes 1 day. Steering wheels, Gear knobs, handbrake cover and armrests restoration takes some hours to complete.

Does Car Interior Leather Restoration include Interior Car Cleaning?

No, it doesn't. Cleaning costs are separate and can be found under Car Cleaning & Detailing Tab

Where are you located?

We are located on Kindaruma road behind Coptic Hospital, Kilimani Area. Our contact information is in the footer including the google map. Just search Drive Clean Services on Google map